What Is Travel Buddies Club ?

• An exclusive club of families, friends and colleagues.

• We invite our favourite people who have a desire of saving for a vacation or a musical festival in SA or abroad.

• You commit to a monthly saving for a vacation of choice

• You invite your close friends, family members and work colleagues who will also make monthly savings.

• You can go to any vacation of your choice, whenever you feel like, using accumulated savings.

• You earn referral income every month.

• The club has it’s own constitution and a bank account.

Every member gets issued with a Travel Buddies ADDaBIT debit card where travel funds and referral income is deposited






• A member pays initial R690 joining fee + R50 card activation, once off.

• The R50.00 will remain as a balance on the member’s card to use

• Thereafter a member pays monthly membership level

• Included in the monthly payment is a membership fee of R190.00

• A membership fee is for Referral Fees, Software Licence & Club Administration.

• Members travel savings will commence from the second payment.

To get started, you need to be ADDED by an existing TRAVEL BUDDIES member on ADDaBIT platform, you will then need to pay R740 (R690+50) by EFT or by your online enabled bank card or by ABSA ATM deposit using you Travel Buddies ADDaBIT 16 digit card number allocated to you.


Where do members go for vacation?

• There are scheduled trips through out the year, a member will choose a trip that he/she will be saving for. Scheduled trips & events are on the website.

• Members can look forward to the following trips & events :-

❖ Mauritius.

❖ Seychelles.

❖ Cape Town International Jazz Festival.

❖ Zanzibar.

❖ Sea Cruise – Portuguese Islands, Mozambique, Europe.

❖ Standard Bank Joy Of Jazz Festival.

❖ Knysna Oyster Festival.

❖ North Sea Jazz Festival – Netherlands.

❖ Cities like Paris, London, Singapore.

There are trips with buddies, a close group of friends can simply arrange a get away trip  through the website using their travel funds accumulated.

Refer Your Close friends and Earn

• Select carefully your friends whom you would like to experience these events with.

• Once they join Travel Buddies, you will EARN:-

• A SIGN UP BONUS – You get paid R500.00 directly into your ADDaBIT card.

• MONTHLY REFERRAL FEES – Earn monthly referral income up to 4 generations of your friends.

• The next slide shows you how you can earn R34 750 per month, by referring 5 or more friends to the club and teaching them to do the same.



*Results vary, depending on individual and team effort.




• Once off Bonuses Are PAID INSTANTLY into you ADDaBIT Travel Buddies Card.

• Monthly Referral income is PAID INSTANTLY on an ongoing basis during the month as your team members make their monthly contributions on their ADDaBIT Travel Buddies Debit Cards.

• Members can elect to withdraw their earned commissions at anytime during the month, if they withdraw outside the 15th, a withdrawal penalty of 5% of the amount is levied.

• Members can also elect to TRANSFER their earnings into their travel savings fund to boost their money available for vacation.

• In order to earn interest, Travel Savings for members are held with Sanlam Money Market Account & are available to members within 24 hours notice.

• When a member decides to withdraw his/her travel savings from the club, for reasons other than travel, he incurs a penalty of 10% of accumulated savings.

• When a member misses a payment, he/she incurs a fine of R100.00.

• All fines and penalties are shared by existing members in proportion to their monthly contributions.

How you can make R34 750 per month whilst saving for your holiday.

You are paid R500.00 next FRIDAY for everyone you successfully refer personally.

And various amounts up to 4 generations down referrals


WhatsApp the person inviting you an ID/Passport copy, both sides if ID card. Then you will be invited on ADDaBIT platform by uploading your ID Copy.


Please make payment:




Branch code 632005

Account: 4090556144

Amount R690+R50= R740- EFt

FOR ATM DEPOSIT ADD R15 to cover deposit charges.




Reference: 16 digit VisaCardNumberSentToYouBySMSfromADDaBIT


Your card will be delivered to you overnight




• All ADDaBIT Travel Buddies members can subscribe to additional products on their member area and earn additional income when their teams subscribe too.

• For example a member who subscribe to our Liberty funeral cover earns 7% every month for each subscription up to 4 levels.

• Let’s say you have 10 people on first level they take a R50 policy and everyone does the same up to 4 levels down.

• Your resultant income will be:

10 x R50 x 7% = R35

100 x R50 x 7% = R350

1000 x R50 x 7% = R3500

10000 x R50 x 7% = R35000

A TOTAL of R38 885 per month.

• Also earn 2% (front line only) on airtime

• More products will be added.

• All your up to date vacation savings /contributions are available for you to see on your Travel Buddies ADDaBIT profile.

• Your monthly commission is paid in real time to your ADDaBIT card and available for you to see on the member area.

• Your list of friends you referred and those referred by them up 4th generation is available for you to see on the website.

• Our constitution is available as download on our website

• All Club Executives, Management Committee and Local Leaders are contactable by phone.


How do you pay monthly?

• EFT – Pay directly to your Travel Buddies ADDaBIT card at ABSA using your 16 digit card number as a reference.

• Card Payments – Pay on your Travel Buddies ADDaBIT profile using your bank card.

• Recurring Debit Order – Arrange a recurring debit for your monthly payments with your bank.

• ABSA ATM deposit – Pay at any ABSA ATM to ADDaBIT account using your 16 digit card number as a reference. Pay more at ATM to allow for charges.

• All monthly payments for previous month must reach the club by the 7 th of the new month.

• If no payments is received, no commission will be earned that month. When payment resumes, commission earning will resume.

• Where penalties & fines exceed the member’s travel savings,membership will be terminated. Members can re-apply for membership.

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